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toothbrush bracelet

Making these bracelets are really quite easy. You'll need a toothbrush, pliers, pot and water. There are a bunch of toothbrushes that work, the ones that are the best are clear, and relatively bendy. I find that Oral-B is too stiff, so I use Butler. (which is the kind I get free from the dentist)

1. First I boiled some water in a pot.

2. Then, while it was boiling, I got out my pliers and pulled out the bristles on the brush. This is much easier to do by pulling out the little sections one at a time.

3. After my brush was de-bristled, I put it in the boiling water. Since my pot was a little to small, I held one end in until it softened a little, then pushed the rest in.

4. I checked on the toothbrush every couple of minutes.

5. Once it seemed flexible enough (I checked this by pushing the toothbrush against the side with a spoon) I used tongs to take the toothbrush out of water.

6. I put oven mitts on both hands, and then tried to shape the toothbrush into a circular shape.

7. Once this was done, I dropped it into a glass of cold water to make it all hard again. I've also read that some people place it in the bottom of a mug so it will be sure to keep the circular shape.

8. The only annoying part about this whole process is trying to make the toothbrush, a)into a circle and b)fit onto your wrist. It takes a few tries sometimes, and if you do make a mistake just drop it into the boiling water for a bit of time again.