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gel candles

This is a picture of a gel candle I made for a friend. I also made a set of red and white candles for a "secret psycher" gift for lacrosse.

  • gel wax
  • wick
  • glass votive
  • pot
  • dyes
  • scents
how I made it:
  1. Basically I followed the instructions on the gel wax container also in a book I bought.
  2. To start off making the candle, I got out a chunk of wax from the carton and put in into a pot over a low flame.
  3. After a while (the time is specific to the brand of gel I believe) the gel is melted into a liquid form, which I then poured into the glass container.
  4. Immediately afterwards, I set the wick by first wrapping the around a toothpick at one end (or any long enough thing to cross the glass) and then dipped the wick in the center of the gel. The toothpick/wick thing was in the shape of a T, if thats helps at all.
  5. I let the gel cool set and solidify, and then I could use it!

It's really quite easy to make, however, it can be kind of messy. For example, the pot I used several months ago to make these candles has still not be washed. If I ever get the urge to make candles again, I'll take pictures to make my directions a bit clearer. As a WARNING, gel is very flammable and apparently can catch on fire. I'm sure if I repeated making the candles, I would find that out first hand. There are lots of good books on gel candles, which will probably make it easier for you to make good candles.