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my first garden

This spring of 2002 I decided to start my first garden ever. I knew I wanted to have vegetables so I bought a bunch of seeds and planted them in little biodegradable pots inside. During that time, I also built a little wooden frame for my plants and dirt to go into. (in other words, I'm too lazy to dig up all the grass, so instead I just plop a bunch of dirt down on top of it.) I did dig up a little grass before putting the dirt down though. This year I planted: carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and peas. Unfortunaly, out of all those, only the peas, tomatoes, and cucumbers seemed to grow well. I heard that the carrots don't grow well in my area's soil, so that might've been a problem. The peppers never really got above six inches or so, and didn't grow any peppers.

This year my vegetables didn't grow as well as I hoped. So next year, I'm going to buy seedlings instead, so hopefully that will work out better.

cherry tomatoes mini cucumbers cucumber flower holding my tomato un-ripe carrot