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pineapple plant

I love pineapples, and after reading how to plant one to grow a new pineapple, I decided to try it. I found a couple of useful sites: smile and act nice and you grow girl.
First, I cut the top off the pineapple.
Whallah, the top of the pineapple.
Then I kept slicing off little pieces until I could see where the roots are already starting to grow.
Now I put the little rootlets in a jar full of water. When the roots have gotten a little bigger I'll stick the plant into some dirt and hope it grows. Supposedly it takes about 2 years (eek!) to grow a full pineapple. I guess its worth it though...
One week later. While my pineapple was sitting in water, the leaves started to turn brown and die. So I decided to plant it in dirt and see if it would survive. Update: it is now several months later, and the plant is still alive. Supposedly a little pineapple should begin growing sometime in the next year or so, I'll have to wait and see..